To go more in depth for those interested in checking out the club, meetings occur twice weekly at 6pm in room 318 of the Memorial Union, a stone's throw from the Gaming Club. Each meeting we will be watching three episodes of two shows, alternating shows between meetings - that is, we'll have two shows every Thursday and two more every Sunday.  Thursday meetings will begin with an activity.

Attendance will be taken on a sign in sheet at each meeting.  Signing in proves to Student Senate that we are still an active club, and is also required for full membership.  In order to be a full member (basically to have voting rights), you need to attend one meeting per month.

We will be hosting movie nights and other special activities on selected Friday nights.

Club meetings will not be heavily moderated, as our main purpose is a shared environment for entertainment and expansion of artistic experiences. However, we will have to impose a set of guidelines for meetings to preserve this environment. They are as follows:

Avoid spoilers at all cost.

I don't think this needs too much elaborating upon. Don't  assume someone has seen a series, regardless of how mainstream it may be. Before spoiling any information vital to a series, no matter how trivial it seems to you, ask beforehand. I could go on for a while about how art isn't about consumable information as much as an experience, but I'll spare you that. Just don't do it.

Read the viewing environment.

What do I mean by that, exactly? Well, while this is a social club about group appreciation of a shared interest, it is also a club about experiencing the shows themselves. This being said, there is surely a group in the club that came to watch the show and enjoy it in it's fullest - the sound, tone, atmosphere, dialogue, etc. Practically speaking, the point is this: keep conversation to a minimum and quiet enough not to disturb your fellow club members. This of course is not an immutable rule. If the environment is talkative and the show is conducive to that, be it a comedy or what, feel free to join in respectfully.

But if the show's quiet, introspective, emotional or what, keep it down. Don't hinder the immersive qualities of the show because you have failed to be immersed.

That is to say, keep conversation to a minimum or nonexistent according to the tone of the material. For comedies and such, a little noise is fine.

And finally...

Be Nice!

Again, self-explanatory. If, however, this becomes a problem, we'll be sure to let you know. If we can all abide by these guidelines, I think we'll be able to quaintly preserve a civil, enjoyable environment!

As a final note, the schedule of each meeting is very consistent in terms of time. So if you don't particularly care to watch a certain show, feel free to attend around said series.

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