Trivia quizzes were held from Fall 2011 -Fall 2013.  In Spring 2014, they were replaced by an activity block.

Our trivia quiz was implemented one fateful day in the Fall semester of 2011, when the leaves had yet to turn and the days were still warm. Students tread hither and thither with nary a coat to be seen, lest for mere fashion. It was in this humble environs that Michaelangelo Roman, once vice president of this great organization, did say to his wife of three years...

Trivia is conducted in the middle of meetings, between our first and second shows. The quiz consists of three different categories that will change each meeting, each containing three questions ranging in difficulty. All attendees are permitted to participate. The category and difficulty will be chosen by consensus - that is, what suggestion is loudest. The question will be read, and whoever shouts out the answer first will be awarded an amount of points according to the difficulty of the question. If your answer is incorrect it will be ignored, and various hints will be provided until the club cedes the question.

The kicker is this: only three questions can be asked each meeting, one from each category.

Questions will be worth 1, 3, or 5 points. These points will be marked down on a roster and tallied at the end of the semester. The winner will be awarded a prize from their favorite series, and bragging rights. Once trivia has been conducted, the questions that were asked will be posted on the front page with their answers.

For a sample, here are some past categories, perhaps to be seen again:

Location, Location, Location! (name a place from a specific event in a show)

You Sunk My Battleship! (name the moving base or spaceship)

You Talkin' Bout My Waifu? (name this female character by their characteristics)

People's Elbow to Stone Cold Stunners (name this character's signature move)

Soooo What's Your Real Name? (name this character's aliases)

What's With This Music Playing in the Background!? (name the band performing the intro, outro, or back ground music)

What's My Class Again? (name the character's explicit class in the universe of the story)

It's Not a Gundam!! (name this super robot, mech, or mobile suit)

You Talkin' Bout My Husbando? (name this male character by their characteristics)

A Land of Cloaks and Broomsticks (name this magic user according to their show and characteristics)

Get Out of My Dreams and Into My NII-SAN! (name the automobile in this show by its make and model)

Who's Wakamoto (name the character portrayed by Norio Wakamoto)

But I'm Allergic to M.S.G. (name this magical school girl or magical girl show)

Oh No, the Fight's Out, I'm Gonna Knock Your Lights Out! (name the participants in this specific fight)

Don't Worry, I Have THIS! (name this weapon according to it's character)

Get Inspired (name what character or show inspired a provided show or character, or vice versa)

Mind Over Evil Death Robots (name this brainy character)

Inception (name the anime within an anime)

Feminine Evil (name this female antagonist)

The Fat Lady Sings (provide this character's last words)

I Am the Grim Reaper, but My Friends Call Me Nick (name the figure of death in this show)

Leeks Are My Favorite Thing, Well That and Singing (name this Vocaloid related subject)

The Biggest and the Baddest (name the main antagonist of a show)

With This Theme I Cannot Lose! (name a character by their theme)

Expect to see some of these and more this coming year!

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