Thursday, February 21, 2013

And We're Back, Everyone!

Get Excited

Due to some technical issues, I've been tragically unable to update this blog - which I believe is primarily used so I can remember what we're watching every week! Anyways, I hope this hasn't caused you too much of an inconvenience. So, before we jump into the meat of this post, here's an update on some of what has happened this semester!

We're a ways into homosociality and mass murder the anime and are heading into the last episodes of Working! as well as the first of Tiger & Bunny. On the Sunday side of things, a number of storms including but not limited to the Superbowl have pushed Chuunibyou and Ergo Proxy back a little, but I swear on red-herring symbolism that we will find time to fit in the entirety of Mawaru Penguindrum and Sound of the Sky!

On the trivia end of things, we've passed through a Code Geass, Eureka 7, and Berserk craze due to my viewing habits over the past Winter break. Considering my inability to remember the entirety of what was asked, here are some highlights: Are You Talking Bout My Brethren Party Members? The Berserk Edition, It's Not A Geass! The Code Geass Edition, What's With That Music In The Background - both the Engrish and J Ska editions, and Are You Talking Bout My Imperial Concubine? Feel free to interpret those however you should choose.

The intended prize
Also on a trivia note, we were ultimately unable to acquire past semester's champion Ryan McPhillip's intended prize, and therefore opted for this poster pictured below - only a slightly less appropriate gift for a loyal Fate / Zero fan.
The actual prize

The Gaming Con came and hit us - or at least me - like a ton of bricks. We had an experience with a number of wonderful classics and intriguing new shows. Feel free to take a look at the schedule here!

Sadly, our vice president and friendly neighborhood Spiderman Kyle MacBeth did not return this semester, and therefore by democratic, triple-blind, double-chocolate ballot, Thomas Reiske-lite makes its triumphant return!

Finally, the random episodes of whatever I feel like watching have been moved to 6 pm to accommodate people with late classes. Here's a sampling of some of that junk:
Psycho Pass

That's everything I can think of for relevance for now! But keep in touch, don't be a stranger, y'all. 

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