Thursday, June 19, 2014

Anime Review. Gundam 00

Madame President the Vice-President here. This anime review is about Gundam 00. The only two season Gundam series at 50 episodes.

The premise for this show is that Earth has moved away from fossil fuels and gets power from 3 Orbital Elevators and large amount of solar panels. The three nations that control these are still at war with each other and the many other nations and countries. So an organization with four super powerful mobile suits, codenamed Gundams, has come to try and level the playing field by ending all conflict.

 This Anime is a mecha. with a set of real robot. The robots have flaws. they can run out of energy or ammo. It's not like a super robot anime where robots can do the impossible like throw galaxies at each other.

This anime is based on a previous Gundam series, Gundam Wing. Which had 5 super powered Moblie Suits, named Gundams, descend to Earth to end conflict.  So if you liked Gundam Wing you will like 00. If you liked 00 then you will like Wing.

This is anime is set in the future of our own world where fossil fuels needed to be replaced so it touches on some topics that are near to ideas for our time. Though they have giant robots to fight with. Between season 1 and season 2 their is a 4 year time skip so people have had time to adapt to the Gundams and things have changed, as people don't want strangers telling them they can't fight and then use weapons better then any on Earth when they don't know if they are working for any one side.

Now if you don't really care about the story the mech fights are pretty good. This is true for most Gundam series the newer they are the better the technology so the better the fights. As they like to change where and which Gundams are around it doens't have as much reused footage as previous series.

Like most Gundam series this is a Anime First and Manga second. Their are a few light novels and mangas for side stories that tell events of some of the lesser seen characters and some behind the scene characters that never make the movie.

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