Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fanmade Saturdays: Anime Boston AMVs Victory Lap

Well it's finally my turn to do a saturday post.  For many years now I've been attending Anime Boston with my sister and our friends and my favorite event every year is the AMV contest.  After each con I come home and within about a week I track down all of the AMVs from the contest that won or otherwise peaked my interest.  So without further ado here are the Best in Show AMVs from every Anime Boston I've attended that are findable on youtube.

2014- Anime 101

2013- Holomon
2012- Bye: the Sea
 For some reason this video isn't on Youtube.  It's a Ponyo AMV with audio clips about the ocean including a well done clip from Jaws.

2011- Heaven and Hell
Another video not on youtube but findable by a quick search of the internet here is a link

2010- Kingdom Bleach

2009- DBZ The Slient Movie

2008- Falling Dreams- Kingdom Hearts
And that was the first year I attended AB
Well have a good night and I'll see you all tomorrow on Manga Review Sundays.

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