Sunday, June 8, 2014

Manga Review: Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni!

Once again Sunday has come and its time to review another manga.  This week our subject will be Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni, which roughly translates to "Don't become an Otaku Shinozaki".It's a rather light hearted comedy series about otaku culture in Japan as seen by a regular person. 

The premise of the story is that the heroine, Shinozaki, missed the first 2 weeks of her freshman year and everyone has already formed into their cliques.  This absolute failure of her high school debut greatly unsettles Shinozaki who was fairly popular in middle school.  Fortunately, she notices that thew girl sitting next to her seems to also be alone, but quickly discovers that she is a hardcore otaku of "Prepure".  After a brief exchange Shinozaki decides to save this girl from herself and turn her into the bishoujo she could be.  However the first step in this plan is to befriend the girl under the pretense of being an Otaku.  In order to maintain her cover Shinozaki becomes increasingly involved in otaku subculture and slowly begins to become an otaku herself. 

The series is still coming out and is only about a year and a half old at the moment.  It realistically displays what otaku in Japan are like and what they do in their free time.  In addition watching the main character slowly slide down the slippery slope to otakudom all while firmly insisting that they are doing it only to help save their new friend is hilarious.  Overall it's a young manga and a bit off the beaten path but very amusing. 

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