Sunday, July 6, 2014

Manga Review: Millennium Snow

This week's Sunday Manga Review will be on "Millennium Snow" written by Bisco Hatori, whois better known for the popular series "Ouran High School Host Club".  There are many stories about Vampires and Werewolves floating around these days, but this short series is an interesting take on the trope.  Let's take a look!

Millennium Snow was a manga I picked up quite a few years ago.  When I read the first two volumes, the series was on hiatus (probably due to the popularity of Ouran High School Host Club).  I was looking up how many chapters there were total, and discovered that the series returned from hiatus in January 2013 and completed in December 2013.  That is pretty exciting!  The series (when I first read it) was 2 volumes, and the final 2 volumes are being released this year in June and December. 

For the cast we have the standard Shojo line-up: 1 protagonist and 2 potential love interests.  This sets us up for the traditional "love triangle".  Our protagonist, Chiyuki, was born with a weak heart, and now suffers attacks when she gets too excited.  She is a bubbly person despite her poor health, but she despairs thinking that she might not live to see the next snow.  Toya is our vampire character, who refuses to drink human blood.  Chiyuki soon learns that this is not because he dislikes it, but rather that he is too kindhearted.  When a vampire turns 18, they select a human to be their partner, and by drinking their blood, extend their life to last a millennium.  Toya cannot imagine forcing another person to suffer and watch as humans around them grow old and die, while they are left behind.  He has a cute little bat helper Yamimaru, who can take human form occasionally.  Satsuki, the werewolf, is the last member of the main cast.  He is ashamed of being a werewolf and tries to appear as human as possible. 

In the first chapter of the manga, we meet Chiyuki and learn that she is being hospitalized due to her health condition.  She sees a boy jump/fall off of a roof and runs outside to investigate, only to discover Toya lying on the ground.  She discovers that he is not hurt, just very, very hungry.  They become friends (sort of), and Toya goes with Chiyuki on a walk through the town.  Unfortunately her health takes a turn for the worst, and it looks like she won't make it.  Toya is moved by her final words to him, and gives her some of his blood to extend her life briefly.  With the improved health that came from the vampire blood, Chiyuki is able to return to school, where we meet Satsuki and the "Love-Triangle" drama can begin. 

Overall this series seems to be pretty neat, and since I've discovered that it was finished, I suppose I will be finishing it over the next few months.  I remember really enjoying this series when I read it in high school, even if some of the characters look like the ones from Ouran.  If you like comedy or romance, this might be a good series to check out. 'Til next time!

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