Monday, July 28, 2014

Meandering Mondays: Through the Ages: Digimon Part 2

Hi again everyone, last week I started talking about Digimon by explaining the constants of the series and it's general origins.  This week I'm going to start going over the different series of Digimon.

The first Digimon series was called Digimon adventure.  It started out as a short film but was quickly turned into a full series.  The show follows the adventures of 7 children who are transported from their summer camp into the digital world and become the Digidestined.  Upon arrival each of them bonds with a newly born Digimon and is given a digivice.  They then travel the Digital world fighting various evil Digimon who are oppressing various Digimon.  This series introduces the crests which are symbols for virtues like courage or sincerity which enable the heroes to digivolve their Digimon to a more powerful form than a digivice alone is able to. 

The 7 Digidestined and their Digimon Partners

The second series was creatively named Digimon Adventure 2.  It follows the exploits of a new generation of Digidestined.  About 3 years after the end of the first series a new villain appears in the digital world, the Digimon Emperor who is a human attempting to conquer the Digital World.  He controls Digimon with Dark Rings which are powered by Dark Towers.  The Dark towers prevent Digivolution in their vicinity which render the original Digidestined powerless to stop him.  One day one of the Digidestined is going to the digital world via his schools computer lab and another student is drawn in with him.  This new Digidestined along with 2 of his classmates find a new type of digivice which enables their partner Digimon to Armor Digivolve.  This skill allows these new Digidestined to fight the Digimon Emperor with support from the original digidestined.

The new and old Digidestined in the real world
Next Week I'll continue by talking about the Digimon movies that tie into these series and the later series which exist in their own continuity. 

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