Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tom's Tuesday Sword Art Online 3

Madame President the Vice-President here with part 3 of the Sword Art Online Light novels. This is the time for Gun Gale Online. The anime for this should start airing July 5th so one week from today.
Spoliors ahead

This novel has a lot of time spent outside of the virtual world. Kirito has been helping people trying to deal with the aftermath of Anicrad 2 years ago as well as the events of sending out over the internet the basic program for all of Anicrad's systems. So MMOs are popping up all over the place. Many of which share skills from one game to the next.Well in Gun Gale Online where guns are the major item and is the only game where you can pay money for in-game credits and trade credits for real money. It seems a new person has shown up who kills people in the game and then they die in real life.

Kirito is drafted to join the game and find out how he does it and who he really is as they think he might be a former Sword Art Online player. Well Kirito signs up for the game and as it scans him it decides he should be female, as the system decides how you should look not you. He makes friends with another female character, Sino, who is entering the big tournament Bullet of Bullets as a sniper. He signs up and buys a sword to enter the tournament. He manages to show that if he can see his opponent that he can stop their bullets with the sword, which is in no way a lightsaber as that would be copyrighted. They agree to work together to stop the phantom bullet(killer) who during the tourment uses one gun to kill people and a second just to wound them. He even prays over people before he kills them as they lay in the dieing animation(60 seconds) Kirto pieces together that it might be two people and he prays so that someone outside knows when to strike. He does this by being reckless near Phantom Bullet and realizes he isn't in as much danger as he thought though he learns that Sino might be in danger when the tournament is suddenly canceled mid fight and they log out.

Sino wakes up and hears a banging at her door. It's a friend of hers who was worried about her. He comes into her apartment and is wandering about when she thinks he shouldn't be anywhere near her apartment at that hour and is ready when he attacks her with a needle. Kirito is already on his way having used his connections to find her house. Kirito figures out the phantom bullet was a member of laughing coffin that he put in jail and his brother is one of the people in the real world. They were drugging people and killing them after they were shot. People no longer have to be in a MMO to see what is going on. Kirito figures out people are watching by having them pick other people to watch so if they can't see the Phantom Bullet kill then they don't know when to strike.

Next week we talk about The current arc of the light novel.

See you then.

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