Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tom's Tuesdays. Sword Art Online 3.5 (Sword Art Online ii)

Madame President the Vice President here.
So season two of Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online II, just aired episdoe 1 on the 5th. It happens to deal with my post from last week so I'm going to talk about that instead of the next part of the light novel(that will be next week)

Don't watch the ending(which will probably be the opening for future episodes) as it has some small spoilers but those should be gone by episdoe 3.

The anime is pretty true to the light novel, It's nice to have moving scenes for a few parts but if you like books then for this episdoe it doesn't really matter. No real action as we have to set things up. Only one scene would be better off with Kirito's internal monologue.

It starts out in a virtual bar where a group of people are watching a top player tell 90% of the players that they have been playing wrong and wasted the last 8 months. A mysterious man in a cloak is watching and he ends up pissed.

We then jump to outside. Asuna is walking up some stairs and is nice enough to tell us it has been a year since she got out of ALO. She is trying to figure out how can you tell the difference between a full dive and reality. They go out on a date through a little park in the middle of Tokyo isolated from the world.

A few hours before Kirito had a meeting with the head of the Government's Full Dive division. It turns out he was the first visitor had besides doctors and nurses, That means he showed up before Kirito's family. It seems they have been working together, and he wants to run some stuff by Kirito as a player with a lot of playtime and he did win SAO.

We end with a sniper talking via radio coms to a squadmate about an approaching group of people. She then focuses and fires on one of the enemy Squad. This wraps up Episode 1.

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