Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tom's Tuesdays Sword Art Online 4

Madame President the Vice President here with the last of the Sword Art Online Visual Novel post.

This is because the last 4 books out have all been this story and the next one will also most likely continue the story. SPOILERS

This is a story over 4 novels in the making so it's the longest arc. It starts out with Kirito living in a village with his friends, Eugeo and Alice. Kirito and Eugeo are tasked with cutting down the giant ceder tree, which has been a job in the village for generations. Alice comes and brings them food and they talk of a cave to the north that has ice. Maybe ice would keep the food from going bad as quickly. So on their next day off they all head off. Alice is a practicing Priestess, learning to use magic and the like. They head up and find the cave which is at the wall that surrounds the Country and protects them from the evil Goblins. Stories of Integrity Knights on Dragons are training to fight the Goblin hoard and one Knight also Fought a Dragon up in the North. So they wander into the cave. They are attacked by Goblins and using a very heavy Ice sword and the tree cutting axe manage to kill the Goblins. They then keep going through the caves and find the exit on the other side. They know they are not supposed to go in the dark lands but Alice trips and her hand touches the ground. They hide the sword and quickly flee back to the village. The following day an Integrity Knight shows up and takes Alice away. Kirito tries to stop this but can't.

Kirito then wakes up in the real world. He has been working on some research with a group to try and map out and then make artificial souls called Fluctlights.

Kirito and Asuna are out on a date when who should show up but Death Gun from GGO. He attacks Kirito and Auna and they manage to hold him off for a bit and the cops show up but not before Kirito has been injected with his heart attack medicine. They rush him to the hospital and from there without any parental approval he is taken to the research station and put into the "game"

Kirito wakes up in a field no idea who he is. He ends up in a town and they have him use his status window he learns his name is Kirito. He makes friends with one of the boys his age Eugeo and hangs out with him as he cuts a tree all day. Kirito has some memories of feeling like this has happened before. Eventually he learns about the sword, they go and get it and use it to cut down the tree. They then have no life quest and decide they want to become guards. Sword skills exist in this world but they are only one hit skills. Kirito Remembers his skills so he teaches Eugeo how to fight and they end up heading off to a tournament.  A few years go by and then end up in the capital training to be knights. They are both really good. They also have a sword made from the tallest part of the Giga Ceder. A sword that almost rivals the ice blade. They train and become some of the top students. When their mentors enter the tournament to become integrity knights and leave. It ends up on their shoulders to be the top two and start training some of the younger students. Eventually they break the law and end up on the run and thanks to a program of the world end up in a space outside of the world. The program tells Kirito about the history of the world which Asuna is learning in the outside world thanks to Kayaba's assistant. They learn that Alice is an integrity Knight and they want to free her as they learned they have been brainwashed.

They also learn how to use the secret power of their weapons that only named weapons have. They head off to start fighting some of the stronger knights and eventually find a girl who only works as a magic caster for an elevator. They find Alice and fight her. After that they find the Number 1 Knight and start to fight. Using their secret powers they eventually destroy an indestructible wall and the Knight and Kirito end up outside and the wall reseals. This is where the 4th novel in the arc ends.

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