Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fanmade Saturday: The Early Days (Fan-made Videos) Part 2

In my last post, we looked at some DeathNote videos that premiered on Youtube around 2008 or so.    The other anime that was crazily popular back then was Naruto (airing weekly on Toonami).

**These videos probably contain spoilers (Naruto and Early Shippuden)**

"Fun with the Akatsuki"

 A quite funny series of shorts.  Playlist of all episodes here

The Akatsuki were a popular (and mysterious) addition to the series, and so there were many videos made involving them.

"Akatsuki Goes Shopping" 

This video used original naruto background music, and has been muted due to copyright.  All of the dialogue is written however, so it still works.

To replace the silence, let's move on to some musical videos!  For some reason Toy-Box was very popular with certain people, and the catch tunes were put to flash videos.  Upbeat and fun to sing along to is always a bonus.

"The Akatsuki Sailor Song"

"Itachi Super Star!" 

(Warning for flashing lights)

When I was first getting into anime, I remember certain videos getting played on repeat, and everyone I knew who was into anime had seen them.  Over the last few years, I feel like that is less common. Do you think so too?

Do you have a favorite web series, fanmade comic, or music video?  Post a link in the comments below!

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