Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tom's Tuesdays

Madame President the Vice-President here with my post of the week. Dragonball Z Battle of the Gods. Before we get into spoilers and the like. It has been announced their will be a new movie next spring in Japan.

This movie was just under 1 and a half hours long. In the timeline it takes place after the Kid Buu saga but before the final episdoe where we meet Uub.

This movie was really funny, the action was what you expect, fun fights. A lot of shouting powering up. The comedy was very similar to early Dragonball. Almost everyone in the theaters was laughing at the jokes Character 1: "It would take us 26 minutes to get there" Character 2: "About the length of your average anime episdoe" I even brought one of my friends who has seen less then 10 hours of anime total and he liked it as well. If you know the series you get more of the jokes but that doens't mean they aren't just as funny.

They do a few flashbacks to events from the series, long enough to get the point across(even to the new people) but short enough that they didn't drag on.

They also force a few characters out of their comfort zones and it's really interesting and sometimes funny for how they react.

The movie like all others follows the same pattern.

The ending credits just shows scenes from the Manga in order starting from Issue 1 right up to the end. A few of which they had color scenes for.

All in all the 4 people I went with liked it and many people clapped and cheered at the end. If you watched Dragonball Z I would recommend it, if you like anime I will also recommend it

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