Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tom's Tuesdays

This is the last Tuesday post I have before First Night.

First Night is an event at URI for the new freshmen where all the clubs have tables and everyone wanders around and finds out which clubs exists and when they meet. Some clubs give things away, a few things can be purchased and a few tables always have long lines.

Plenty of food to try, always music playing, a build a bear place, a place to have road signs made that say what you want. One year they had a robot driving around and sometimes EMT people with beer goggles and a bike with bad turning to act like you are drunk.

Clubs that work with the Anime club closely are the Qudditch Team(they play muggle Qudditch), The Human Versus Zombie organization (they play a game of team tag where one team gets nerf), and the Gaming Club (they play video games, board games, Role playing games, Card games, and most any games you can think of) Their is some crossover between the four clubs which are refereed to among the exec board as Geek Life.

I hope everyone will have fun at First Night and look forward to meeting any new members who read the Blog.

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