Thursday, September 25, 2014

Anime Review

Madame President the Vice President with my 3rd in a row. This time with the weekly anime review.

This review will be for the Trigun Movie. If you've seen up to episdoe 9 of the anime then you will know all the series staples.

The movie is much like the standard episdoe. It has a town, villain, and girl for our main character Vash to follow after.

Trigun - Badlands Rumble poster.jpg
If you liked the series and have seen it then the episdoe will remind you of the early episodes. It's 90 minutes long and is both subbed and dubbed so you can take your pick.

The movie like the show is about a wandering sharpshooter living his life and the events he sets in motion and having to come to terms with them.
This movie was aired on Toonami's December movie month. As the last movie. The other four were Akira, Summer Wars, and Full Metal Alchemist the Conquerors of Shamballa.
The club owns Akira and Summer Wars

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