Monday, September 15, 2014

Meandering Mondays: Geek Life: Part 2 Humans vs. Zombies

Hi again everyone, last week I talked about the Gaming Club so this week I'm going to talk about Humans versus Zombies.  HVZ is the club that organizes week long rounds of Nerf tag that simulate the zombie apocalypse. 

The club meets on Tuesday nights at 6pm in room 360(just across the hall from the gaming club).  At their meetings they plan the times of their games discuss rule clarifications and just chat about the game.  They also have an office in the Union which is mainly used for administrative activities.

The biggest part of this club is obviously the game they organize.  They organize 2 rounds every semester with the first starting next Monday(9/22) with a pre-round event on Friday(9/19) and ending the following Friday(9/26) and the second being the week after Halloween(the exact details are still being debated).  The basic gist of the game is that Human players try to defend themselves from Zombie players using socks and Nerf to temporarily defeat the Zombies.  Zombies try to tag the Humans without getting hit and turn the Human into a Zombie.  All of the players start out as Humans except for one who is secret a Zombie called the Original Zombie(OZ for short) who stealthily kills Humans to begin the Zombie Horde.  This lasts for an entire week and Humans are able to be killed anywhere outside on campus at any time during the week. 

The highlights of the game are missions which happen every weekday of the round in the afternoon.  Basically a bunch of players gather at the Union or some other location and are given an task to complete by the organizers of the game.  If the task is completed the Humans get a bonus to the mission on Friday which is called Evac.  Evac is the final mission of the round and any Human who completes it wins, but if all of the Humans die or none of them complete the mission the Zombies win.  Evac missions tend to be multistep and involve traveling all over campus while fending off the Zombies.  Afterwards the club has a party in the Union with pizza and they hang out and play games(such as Cards Against Humanity).

For a more comprehensive explanation of the game and how to sing up check out the HVZ Facebook group(the group is closed but people will add almost anyone who asks to join within a few moments)

Next week I'll finish this series with the fourth member of Geek Life the Quidditch Team.

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