Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tom's Tuesdays Sword Art Online Extra Edtion.

Madame President the Vice-President here. With another Sword Art post, this one about the December 31st 2013 100 minute special.

Now you may have heard it's a summery of the show, well it has a little more than that. The show is set after the events of season 1 (Anicrad and Alfhiem). So we have people talking about what happened and in some cases why they did what they did. So this gives us a little extra info and let's us see what people tell each other.  So while that isn't a whole lot of the time as most is just scenes being replayed. It also has at the end a full 23 minutes of a new episode. This whole thing was also to eventually be a set up for the fact they were announcing Sword Art Online II. Which if you recall is the Gun Gale Online season. The season has been airing, but on the off chance you didn't watch the special I would recommend at the very least the end to see the new episode.

As a note this episode has a lot of fan service, if you recall the series didn't have a lot so it seems they wanted to add some more.

This also happens a few times.

Classes start tomorrow so good luck everyone. 

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