Friday, October 31, 2014

It's Finally Friday: The Horror of Junji Ito

Well, it's that time of the year again; time to dress up in costumes, go trick-or-treating, and watch and read all sorts of scary stories. And while one might think to watch some classic horror movies this Halloween, there's also plenty of manga that's guaranteed to scare, and nowhere is that more obvious than the work of Junji Ito. So for this Halloween, I've decided to demonstrate some of his more well-known works; get ready for some seriously disturbing nightmare fuel.

She is not what she seems.

The Enigma of Amigara Fault
There is a hole waiting for you.

Beware the spiral.

Fear the sea.

Hellstar Remina
There is no end to her hunger.

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  1. I feel so proud that I have read all of these. He also has some horror anthology manga that were pretty good. Forgot the names, though.