Sunday, October 19, 2014

Manga Review: MxO

Hi everyone, it's my turn this week for the manga review and this week our topic is Mx0 (which I've been misspelling as MxO for a while now).  Basically this series follows a high school student who accidentally ends up enrolled at a secret magical high school and has to disguise his lack of magical ability. 

So to get into more detail the hero Kuzumi Taiga failed the admission interview to a prestigious high school.  A few weeks later he is loitering outside of the school and a teacher suddenly appears and drags him through the gate accusing him of skipping class.  The teacher quickly realizes their mistake and chases Kuzumi which ends when Kuzumi accidentally blows up the home economics classroom in front of the entire student body.  When talking to the principal it is revealed that it is standard procedure to simply erase the memories of anyone who is accidentally exposed to magic, but when it is revealed that the teacher will also lose his memories an alternative is proposed.  Kuzumi is enrolled as a student but he cannot be given a plate(a required piece of equipment for using magic) due to short supply and is therefore unable to use magic.  The only condition on Kuzumi's acceptance is that if his lack of magic is exposed they will be forced to follow the stated policy.  Unfortunately for Kuzumi the destruction of the home-ec classroom looked like high level magic which has convinced all of his clasmates that he is the strongest student at the school making his deception even harder to maintain. 

In general the manga follows Kuzumi as he tries to keep his secret while interacting with his classmates particularly Aika Hiiragi the daughter of the teacher who he met during his unfortunate interview. 

The main appeal of the series is Kuzumi's ability to disguise his lack of magic through a combination of tricks, quick thinking, and brilliant lies.  The magic system the series uses is also unique and is particularly tame in the scale of effects it can produce which leaves a lot more room for creative usage than most other magic heavy series. 

I would recommend this series to anyone who wants to read a shorter shounen series (it's about 100 chapters and completed) and doesn't want a lot of fanservice(at least in my opinion). 

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