Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Weekly W: What? Miria and Isaac Return! week on Durarara! we had a cameo by two lovely characters.  Isaac and Miria are two of my favorite characters from Baccano!.  It's such a good series, and Isaac and Miria are fantastic characters.  Here are some of my favorite things about them (lots of images and gifs in this one).  Possible spoilers for Baccano!.

Isaac and Miria are really fun characters, and were the most memorable characters in Baccano!

They also tend to steal things.
They frequently wear funny disguises.
Isaac and Miria tend to say things that aren't correct, but say it in such a way that the other believes them.  They take the other's words quite seriously, despite their easy-going nature.
Also, they pose dramatically quite often...
 and act really goofy.
Isaac and Miria were fantastic in Baccano!, and I can only hope that they continue to appear in Durarara!!

Hope Burns Bright

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