Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Weekly W: Why do we watch anime?

Why do we watch anime?  Is it for the adventure? For the romance? For the laughter? For the tragedy?  There are so many reasons to watch anime, and they vary day to day and from person to person.

We watch anime.  We watch different series.  From shounen adventure to sweet shoujo romance, there's something for everyone.  Like a novel, each story creates a world filled with people and places different from our own.  Filled with magic and special powers or characters in everyday lives not unlike our own, these worlds contain unique characters, customs, and creatures.  Even in the most unusual settings, we can find characters, morals, and relationships that echo with what we can find here.  They remind us of the value of friendship, the pain of loss, and the importance of perseverance.  The morals, struggles, and friendships we see in anime may be exaggerated, but they still are applicable to our daily lives.  We watch anime because it challenges our imagination.  Beautiful artwork, clever premises, and though-provoking topics tend to power the more serious anime, while light-hearted humor and relatable characters make for a relaxing experience.  We watch anime because we like telling stories and listening to them.  We watch anime because our friends watch anime.  We watch anime because it resonates with us somehow.  We watch anime because we're bored or stressed or hanging out with friends or we don't have plans for the weekend.  We watch anime because we love anime.

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