Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weekly Anime Review

Makai TenshouThursdays Anime Review is Makai Tenshou or Ninja Resurrection. The Club has from time to time Watched this show as sort of a tradition. It's Only 2 Episodes.

This Show was supposed to be 6 Episodes but ended up at only 2 so it has no proper ending.
The show is quite bloody and lives up to the clubs. WTF did I just watch. It has magic, religion, and a few interesting fight scenes. The Show is rated R. It also jumps into characters and never really expalins why everyone is where they are or why they are doing what they do. Their is a time skip between the two episodes. It has a Shingle Dragon which people seem to like and a few elemtns that end up steam punk meets sci fi. This show was made by the people who made Ninja Scroll but they are not related at all in Universe.

In the end it is interesting to watch as a group and it's only 2 episodes. Each of which is 40 minutes long.

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