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Meandering Monday's: Magic Thoery: Naruto Part 2 Tailed Beasts and Jinchuriki

Hi again everyone, in honor of the finale of Naruto this week we're going to cover some of the secondary aspects of chakra particularly the tailed beasts and the jinchuriki.  As always wanring for SPOILERS AHEAD.

The origins of the tailed beasts are heavily related to the final arc of Naruto.  Basically the original tailed beast was the 10 tails which was formed by the fusion of princess Kaguya and the epic level magical tree Shinju.  The 10 tails was eventually defeated by Kaguya's two sons, Hagoromo and Hamura and it was sealed into Hagoromo making him the first jinchuriki.  Hagoromo eventually became known as the sage of six paths and the first shinobi.  At the end of his life Hagoromo divided the 10 tails into 9 smaller entities each with a different number of tails between 1 and 9.  Each of these tailed beasts has it's own name and is a different type of animal either mythical or completely made up for the series.  From this point the tailed beasts wandered freely until humans began trying to capture them to use their power as weapons leading to the creation of jinchuriki. 

Each of the 9 tailed beasts has its own distinct abilities beyond their natural raw power and the ability to use the tailed beast bomb, a hyper beam like attack made of pure chakra.  The 1-tail beast is a tanuki named Shukaku and has sand manipulation abilities.  The 2-tails is a cat with fire abilities named Matatabi.  The 3-tails is a giant turtle named Isobu which has some water related abilities and high defensive capabilities.  The 4-tails is a giant ape named Son Goku which has the ability to use lava type techniques by combining earth and fire chakra.  The 5-tails is an aquatic horse type animal named Kokuo who has the ability to combine water and fire chakra to create boil type techniques.  The 6-tails is a giant slug named Saiken and appears to have some sort of acid related abilities.  The 7-tails is a giant beetle named Chomei which doesn't seem to have nay abilities beyond those granted by it's physical form.  The 8-tails is an ox-cephalopod named Gyuki whose main powers include the ability to produce ink and eight tentacles which it manipulates with extreme power and skill.  The 9-tails is a fox known as Kuruma who mainly displays intense raw power combined with relatively high intelligence. The 10-tails is a massive multiform wood monster that does not have a name and is significantly more powerful than any of the other tailed beasts and possesses unique wood related abilities including the production of miniature replicas of itself.  

In order to allow humans more control of the tailed beasts techniques were created for binding them into human hosts called jinchuriki.  Jinchuriki gain access to the massive chakra stores of the beast sealed within them as well as any other abilities that beast possesses.  The jinchuriki were created by the major ninja villages once the first hokage distributed the captive tailed beasts in exchange for a large scale peace agreement solidified by the mutual increase in power.  Unfortunately the exact nature of jinchuriki is poorly understood by most people who believe that jinchuriki are possessed by their beasts and are a menace to their safety.  As a result most jinchuriki are extreme outcasts especially those who have been jinchuriki for their entire lives.  The other major flaw of the jinchuriki is that if their tailed beast is removed they will die within a short time if the beast is not returned or other intensive measures are taken.

I hope you all have enjoyed this brief summary of the tailed beasts of the world of Naruto
I'll be back next weekend for the manga review. 

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