Saturday, November 24, 2012

Next Semester Shows!

Options for next semester's shows, that is. Drawing from the staffs catalog of shows and those suggested by the club - as well as one or two repeats from last semesters options - we've created a massive selection for you to vote on. There will be four options for every slot - two 12 episode and two 26 episode shows for Thursday and Sunday each. There's a bit more organization to them in that half of them are older - from very to like five years - and the rest are from very recent seasons. Who knows, perhaps you'e seen an episode or two?

Anyways, as before, try to vote for things you may not have seen before. You might end up, that way, discovering something you end up liking. That aside, peruse these before voting. We'll show them again, but there are a metric fuckton of them.

Also, some of the videos are fan trailers, some of short scenes, one or two may be Japanese trailers due to lack of English trailers. Then of course there are ops and official trailers. Deal with it.


12 episode new

26 episode old
12 episode old
26 episode new


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