Monday, May 12, 2014

Meandering Mondays Introduction

Me being a president
Hello people of the internet! Hopefully some of you are either members or potential members of the URI anime club.  I figured I'd start off my weekly column by introducing myself.  To start off with, I'm the president of the URI anime club which is why I'm posting here.  I've just finished my second year at URI and am a Pharmacy major.  The most significant feature of this major is that it's a 6 year program, so I'll still be a student until 2018.

I personally read manga more than I watch anime and am often looking for something new to read.  My first experience with anime were Saturday morning cartoons like Pokemon and Yugioh, and when I was in elementary school I started watching Toonami.  From there, I eventually started watching anime with my older sister based on recommendations from her friends.  One day a friend of ours invited us to come with him to Anime Boston, and since then we've gone every year(2014 was our 7th year). Then I started reading manga, and when I came to URI I joined the club.  Later that year they elected me as president.  I've been the president since then, and the club has seen fit to re-elect me.

 (Tom being his awesome self)
Outside of anime, I enjoy playing various card games (I play Magic and Pokemon and am familiar with several others) reading regular books, and the occasional video game.  I also play Dungeons and Dragons with the Quidditch team and have a passable knowledge of comic books, thanks to my dad who is an avid superhero fan.  I also play Humans Versus Zombies at URI and have run a few games of it as well(what's HVZ?). 

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