Monday, May 26, 2014

Poke'mon The Journey Begins

Hello again everyone, I hope you've enjoyed Memorial Day.  What? You're actually reading this on Monday, well then I hope you enjoy the rest of your day off. 
This week I'm going to talk about my personal experience with Poke'mon, specifically how I started watching the show. 
To start off with, Poke'mon was probably the first anime I ever saw(the other possibility was a few episodes of Sailor Moon I saw at some point in my childhood).  The events that led up to this momentous occasion may be a bit unexpected.  My first time seeing Poke'mon was actually an accident.  My dad has been a fan of comic books since he was a kid, and when I was little he would record Batman Beyond on VHS when it aired on Kids WB. 
This was the place to watch TV when I was a kid

One day when we finished watching Batman Beyond we didn't pause the tape right away, and we ended up watching the 5 minutes of the next show that we'd recorded on the tape.  It was an episode of this weird show we'd seen commercials for during Batman for the last few weeks.  It looked interesting and so next week we recorded it along with Batman Beyond, and once my sister joined us in watching it we started getting into it more seriously.  The show was obviously Poke'mon and next week I'll talk about where this chain of events led, Video Games!

By the way this was the first Poke'mon I ever saw

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