Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tom's Tuesdays: Who is Tom

Vice President here, last week it seems everyone else did a quick autobiography about themselves.

I first started watching anime when I was very young. I watched Dragonball Z, they hadn’t made it to Namek when I started watching. I watched Toonami just about every day.

I don’t know when I first learned the difference between anime and American cartoons. Though I did already know the difference by the time I was in the 5th grade as I had purchased a few how to draw manga books. My brother and I after doing our homework and walking the dog would get on the computer and watch some anime before dinner. We had a few other friends who liked anime so we would talk with them about it. As a side note, the person we talked anime the most with also happened to share our birthday.

Skip ahead to high school. Sitting on the bus the Junior behind me on the bus had just founded an anime club the year before and he knew me through my older brother. So we were told about it and invited to join. We mostly watched movies and listened to the older girl’s talk about which guy they liked best (Roy Mustang and Sesshomaru). Though a much more fun part of club was joking about the plot holes and things people messed up.

My junior year the club was disband by the school due to budgeting reasons. (we needed a teacher to sit around and let us use their room, The union then said they had to be paid.  The school didn’t want to pay them so the club ended) my senior year, 3 of us reformed the club. We changed the style from watching movies to watching episode 1 of 2 different shows. We made a big list of shows. Wrote them all down, then drew them out of a hat.

My freshmen year at URI I learned there was an Anime Club, so I went to the first meeting. The show was pretty funny so I kept going back. I made some good friends and sometimes we would get together on a Friday and watch most of a 12 episode series. The end of the spring semester the club deemed it fit to elect me as president; this is where I referred to myself as Madame President (a Code Geass reference). I then was elected as Vice president the following spring and have served as it since.

This posting every day was an idea of mine but It couldn’t be done on my own. So I got the other members of the exec board to agree on the idea and help make it possible

Madame President

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