Monday, June 23, 2014

Poke'mon Seeing Triple Part 3

Greetings people of the internet, for the last few weeks We've been discussing the protagonists of the three main mediums of Poke'mon.  We've covered Red, the silent hero of the video games. and Ash, the passionate rookie of the anime.  This leaves us with our final subject Red the scrappy protagonist of the manga. 

WARNING SPOILERS!!!!!!!(the manga is much less well known and therefore it's plot can be spoiled)
To start off with the world of Poke'mon is a bit different in the manga.  The biggest change is in Team Rocket who are both more active and powerful with a roster including several gym leaders in addition to Giovanni.  The other major difference is that battling is much harsher with team rocket grunts directly attacking trainers instead of battling their Poke'mon.  These changes make the career of trainer much more dangerous but also much more realistic. 

Red is our hero in this world, but unlike our other heroes he starts off with reasonable experience as a trainer.  He owns a Poliwhirl before the story even starts and his first appearance is catching a Nidorino to impress a bunch of kids.  He also shows an ability to connect to Poke'mon which is best shown by the change in demeanor a day in his care brings about in Blue's entire party.  His most noteworthy feature early on is that he is cocky, rushing to interfere with Team Rocket's operations with no regard for planning or surveillance. 

He is considered by Professor Oak to be a natural at Poke'mon battling with incredible instincts but lacking in technical knowledge or discipline.  His instincts are incredibly useful and he wins many battles not through brute force but by exploiting weaknesses in his opponents or using the environment against them. However Red becomes humbler about his skills later in his journey and refuses an offer to become a Gym Leader claiming that he isn't good enough yet.  In his final battle against his rival Blue, it is shown that his technical knowledge has finally caught up to his instincts making him an incredibly effective trainer.

Red also shows a strength of character similar to those of our other subjects with his refusal to join team rocket even after being offered a position by Giovanni himself and his extensive foiling of their plans which includes the protection of Mew and liberating the entirety of Saffron city.  He finds Team Rocket's treatment of Poke'mon disturbing and rescues their victims at every opportunity.  He also forgives Green for stealing his badges and rescues her even after several betrayals. 

Overall Red develops much more over the course of his story than our other subjects, changing from a punk kid with good instincts into a master level battler and from a thorn in Team Rocket's side to the source of their absolute defeat. 

So to wrap up our discussion of the three heroes :
Red(games) is a highly skilled and moral trainer from a world where strength is rare.
Ash makes up for his lack of technical knowledge with his ability to connect to others in a relatively peaceful world filled with minor troubles
Red(manga) is a natural trainer whose journey forges him into a master in a world where battling can be deadly. 

I hope you all have enjoyed this series and i'll see you all next week when we start something new. 

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