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Tom's Tuesdays Sword Art Online part 2.

Madame President the Vice-Presdient with the second part of the Sword Art Online light novel review.

Again Spoilers

So Kirito eventually find out that about 200 people who were still alive never made it out of the nervegear. Nobody knows if taking off the helmets will kill them or not so nobody wants to test. Unfortunately for everyone Asuna is one of the people who didn't get out. This is where her character goes from strong person who saved Kirito twice, to the girl who just sorta sits around for two books. She does try and escape a few times from a giant birdcage they put her in. Though she ends up getting caught. She does steal an admin card which she drops over the side.

It seems she was transferred to a different new MMO. For some reason some company decided to make a new one even though everyone from the first had been captured. This was sometime during the events of the 1st two novels. This world is Alfhiem, a world where everyone is an elf. Though they vary in style and they are all at war and sometimes have short times of piece, much like Lord of the Rings. A group of players flies as a group using one person to fly as long as they can before they run out of energy and then the next person goes up. Well this little group makes it to the world tree which is really high up and then takes a photo of you guessed it, A giant bird cage. This eventually makes it to Kirito's Friend Agil the barkeep, he shows him the photo of Asuna so he goes and gets the game. He also learns that Asuna's father is going to marry her off to some creepy tech guy who likes to sniff her hair while she sleeps and then he would be an heir to the company.

Seems whoever made this game stole the major programs from Anicrad. So when Kirito makes a character, it just steals all his other data so he gets all his levels minus two sword skill and items. Yui comes back because she was in his CPU and joins him. He can't fly very well but he can fight and in his first fight defeats two enemies really fast and saves a girl,  Leafa, whose group had been killed. She teaches him how to fly and brings him to a town. He then mentions he has to go to the world tree to complete the super awesome mega quest that makes one race super elfs. She agrees to come with him as she is a master of magic and he can't cast any.

They head off but are ambushed in a cave by one of the races that hates everyone, salamander, kirito tries to beat them for a while but can't and then he takes the time to learn magic and cast a spell which turns him into a boss from SAO(The Gleameyes, same boss he used two swords to beat) and saves the day. They then learn they have to go back the way they came to stop two races from losing their leaders and being at a disadvantage for a while as their cities are ransacked from no leader. They make it just in time and Kirito after borrowing Leafa's sword manages to beat the leader of the salamander army who has the super evil sword. He then gives all his money to the two remaining leaders to help fight the super mega quest.

(This next part was not in the anime or at this point the manga. )
Kirito and Leafa end up in underworld which is cold and has the really really strong monsters in it. They have human ones and beast ones. Well seems the human ones kill the beast ones and Kirito decides to save one. They make friends with said monster afterwords and it evelvoes into a monstrous butterfly octopus. Which then flies them to the world tree's roots. Along the way they see the super awesome extra dungeon that has the ultimate good sword, if Kirito wasn't in such a hurry they were going to stop there to get it but they went off to the world tree.

Kirito then abandons Leafa to go do the super mega awesome quest. Thinking he is god. After a nice fight he ends up being beaten. She comes and takes his soul fire and revives him so he doesn't end up in the starting town and having to go all the way back. He then picks up the Admin card that falls on him that Asuna dropped. So now the two of them and Leafa's classmate all go off to do the quest. Well they think they can't win and the game must cheat so the classmate blows up and Kirito tries to use the opening to make it through the gate but it fills with enimes. When all hope seems lost. The two armies we paid off before show up to save the day. We take Leaf's sword again and this time with everyone's help. Kirito makes it through, Yui uses the card to open the gate and then end up in the tree tops. They head off to find Asuna and everyone hugs and is happy. Then creepy tech guy shows up. Sends Yui away and then uses new gravity magic to pin Kirito. he then gets ready to rip off Asuna's clothes but decides he wants to turn off the pain inhibitor and stab Kirito. Who is thinking about Heathcliff and then logs onto the Administrator rights as Heathcliff and turns tech creep to a level 1. He then summons the Ultamte good sword and turns off the pain inhibitor all the way. We cut off creeps arm and stab him through the eye, killing him. We save Asuna who is super happy(the other 199 also get out). Kirito then gets on a bike at 2 am and goes straight to the hospital. Where our creepy friend is waiting with a knife. They fight and he heads off. Mentions to a nurse that some guy tried to stab him in the parking lot but I assaulted him in self defense. He then goes and talks to Asuna and they decide to start dating again.

Kirito had apparently been talking a bunch with the group akin to homeland security about MMO and the Anicrad incident. They open a school up for everyone who lost the two years(and a few months for the 200) So they can all start learning what they missed.

Next week we move onto Gun Gale Online.

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