Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sundays are for Manga Sword Art Online.

Madame President the Vice-President here for a manga review.  Sword Art Online

This Review is about a version of the Manga that covers the most of the first 14 episodes of the Anime. This is part one and the Aincrad Story arc. The manga is very true to both the anime and Light Novel on which it is based.

The story is about a video game where the controllor is your brain. A helmet you wear takes your brain signals and your game avatar moves while you stay still in the real world. A giant MMO is just been released and only 10,000 copies were made. Well Our main character has some experience in the world and while helping a new players they learn they you can't log out and that you have but one life to live. If you die in the game you die in real life.

Tuesday I'll go into more details about the light novel with a lot of spoilers.

The story follows are one character and some of his adventurers. It covers most of the events of the original light novel but skips one part in favor of an arc from the second light novel. They do this so they can move onto the second manga which when it comes  out in the US in August will cover parts of book 3 and 4.

If you liked the light novel or anime then you will like this book. It's a manga so you can read it pretty quickly though it doesn't have much for the action as it's still frames. I would recommend the anime and the light novel over this but it still covers all the bases. It has everything it needs but only the first issue is out in English and I like to support the official release so I don't know how the other issues stand up to missing parts from the first and second novel.

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