Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fan made Saturday:. Models

Madame President the Vice president with this weeks Fan made Saturday.
This post will be pictures of Models.

All of my Models

This is a HG 1/100 model Wing Zero. No paint or marker. They look okay but could be better. The articluation isn't great and the wings sorta flop at times.

This is a MG 1/100 model RX 78-2 Gundam. Again no paint or marker. They look more like their anime counterparts and the articulation is better  His arms stay where they should.

The outer two are both no grade 1/100 and the middle is a MG 1/100. Left Exia, Middle Qan[T], and right Gundam 00 Raiser(alternate color) These no grades are from the Gundam 00 line and are actually slightly better then HG 1/100. Though the MG is much better at holding his stuff.

These are the GN drives from Gundam 00. On the model they have an LED that can be turned on. Normally this is reserved for some PG 1/60 models but the parts glow and are the power sources of these Gundams so theyfound a way to work them into the models.

These are both HG 1/100. Gundam Double X and G-Falcon. They can dock together and the G-Falcon can actually dock with 3 other mobile suits from the same series.

While Some models like the no grade 1/100 0-Raiser can only attach to one model. In thie case the 00 Gundam(also no grade 1/100)

This is a MG 1/100 Gundam Unicorn with MS Cage and Gatling gun x2
Some MG sets have extra props. Some people actually make these themselves for a diorama.

These next two models are Zoids

This is the Blade Liger AB version. It is a High End Master Model (HMM) 1/172 scale. He has much better articulation then The Killerdome(crab) a no grade 1/72.

If you have any models you have guilt post pictures in the comments or send them via email to and I'll add them here. Please include the name of the model, size, series, and grade (if you know them)

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