Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday. Anime Review: Zoids New Century.

This review is about the 3rd Zoids anime. Which was the 1st to get an English dub.

This series takes place a long time after the first two series. Though you don't need to have seen them to watch this one.

Zoids are large mechincal animal like mechs. People Forming teams of up to 3 will fight with these. If your rank is good enough you can enter the yearly Tournament.

This anime starts off rather episodic. They fight, they win or lose. If they lose they figure out what to do and fight again and win.

It centers around the Blitz team. They have a Zoid that is alive and they find someone who can finally pilot it but he is always butting heads with the team. It also has 4 sets of armor with different porpites it can wear and picks before the fight.

Eventually we get an underlying story with the bad guys who use zoids for evil deeds. Such as stealing and just not playing fair in fights.

This is a 26 episdoe series and was on Toonamiaround 2001.

It's a pretty standard mech anime. If you like tournament arcs of animes then that's the entirety of this so you will enjoy it.

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