Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fan Made Saturdays

Madame President the Vice President.

This is going to be a few AMVs that I listen to a few times a year just because I like them a lot

Redline A race anime movie. Pretty much sums it up. (the newest of the AMVs I often look up)

A naruto AMV I used to listen to back in 06 or 07. If I ever think about it I still look it up and watch once or twice

I watched DBZ going up so it was bound to be something to search on youtube.
(side note the opening is from my brothers favorite DBZ movie)

These are the 3 big ones that I still listen to. The second and third have been taken down and re-uploaded a few times over the years

Bonus "AMV" This is just really funny and won an award at Anime Boston (2014)

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