Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Weekly W: Wells

In anime, wells seem to come up here and there.  There are many different kinds of wells, and usually there's a good reason they are present.  The most notable well in any anime is probably the one from Inuyasha, but other anime also have wells or fountains in them. 

The well in the shrine at Kagome's grandfather's house was the start of the crazy adventures she finds herself on.  Traveling through the well brought her to a different land, and allowed her to meet many important people.  Inuyasha and the whole gang live on the other side of that well.  In a place where Kagome joins them to help reunite the pieces of the soul gem, she puts her archery skills to the test.  Magical creatures and many different villains make for many entertaining episodes as the group continues their journey. 

Another important body of water in anime is the fountain in Ouran High School Host Club.  In an early episode, some of the girls at school are mad that Tamaki is paying more attention to Haruhi and less to his customers.  As such, they resort to bullying her by throwing her belongings into the fountain-pond thing at their school.  Tamaki helps her to get it back, and in doing so raises Haruhi's opinion of him a bit. 

Mushishi is a series that would be expected to have an episode featuring a well.  Ginko is a traveling mushi-shi, who solves people's problems with the simplistic form of life called mushi.  This show is really fantastic, and has an episodic nature, which allows it to cover a variety of different situations.  Surprisingly, not a single episode involves a well being related to the issue with the mushi.  Maybe there will be one in the season airing now (which will double the 24 episode series when it finishes).  We shall have to wait and see.  Mushishi is a fantastic anime with interesting scenarios, soothing background music, and a uniquely laid-back sort of pacing. 

That's it for this week.

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